Reliance Jio laptop with 4G VoLTE SIM, 13

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Reliance Jio laptop with 4G VoLTE SIM, 13

With the initial work on the Jio 4G rollout almost overheen, Reliance is now reportedly working on a Jio-powered laptop for the Indian market. The laptop, which is likely to have a 13.3-inch screen size, will be aimed at travellers and users who need pc on the go. It will — obviously — come with a Jio SIM card already inwards it, which will provide the web connectivity through a 4G network to the laptop user. This means that the users won’t have to use any dongle to get the internet connection on Jio laptop. The laptop will also reportedly permit VoLTE calls.

The report comes courtesy PhoneRadar, which says the laptop will be sourced from Foxconn that has built a similar rekentuig for InFocus. The SIM slot te the Jio laptop will be placed at its left side.

Jio’s 4G laptop may run on Windows or Chrome OS, most very likely the latter one spil it supports all the Android-based Jio apps. Reportedly, the laptop will sport a 13.3-inch FullHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) display with an opzicht ratio of 16:9. The report also states that the there will be an HD camera placed above the display for making movie calls and that the laptop will powered by a current-generation Intel Pentium quad-core processor.

Jio laptop specifications

Albeit this Jio laptop sounds rather arousing, hold on to your hopes for now. There is nothing official about it. India Today tech has reached out to Jio for a comment and this story will be updated when wij get a statement.

At the same time, the specifications of the laptop look too good to be true. Jio, which also sells Lyf phones, is mostly focussed on the lower and mainstream finishes of the market right now. This is the reason why most of the Lyf phones are priced less than Rs 20,000. Some of them sell for a price of spil low spil Rs Five,000. But the specifications hint that the rumoured Jio laptop will be a high-end machine, possibly costing around Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000 at ondergrens. It looks very much similar to the Xiaomi Notebook or MacBook Air.

4G laptop a good idea

If there is a company that can truly launch such a laptop and pull it off it is Jio. The company, since it spinned out Jio service te September last year, has bot ter the news for its unconventional business ways. Since its launch, Jio proceeds to be a free service. It earlier launched a line of 4G smartphones under brand name Lyf that eyed a crazy sale because of the Jio SIM that come bundled with it. There are also rumours that company is working on DTH services and may launch it soon. It is also working on Jio Fibre, a wired internet service, spil well spil already sells 4G dongles.

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