Making money online te Nepal – Bitcoins (What is all the fuss about? )

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Making money online in Nepal - Bitcoins (What is all the fuss about? )


Is making money online ter Nepal a myth? And te a country like Nepal, where there is no international online payment system, can wij indeed earn money online?

For those audience who are reading this and do not know what bitcoin is, Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. They are not printed like our normal currency rather produced by people, and increasingly businesses. Inorder to commence, you very first need a bitcoin wallet, like BlockChain, Mycelium, or a dozen others te The value of bitcoins is enlargening tremendously, and spil of I write this article, 1 btc is about $1000. Bitcoins can be bought or sold &ndash, check for more information on buying and selling bitcoins. For Nepalese users, there are groups like Online Workers ter Nepal where you can exchange bitcoins for esewa metselspecie.

Wij have bot receiving a few emails lately asking about the going trend of making bitcoins online.So can wij truly make bitcoins online? Well, YES but it is not effortless. Earning money online or rather Earning money has never bot effortless especially te a country like Nepal with no legit online payment system but this actually is fairly effortless if you compare it to other ways.


  1. A blockchain wallet &ndash, BlockChain
  2. A referral verbinding to sign up
  3. A few btc te your wallet &ndash, depends on what matrix you choose. The cheapest is BtcInvestments where you can begin with around 0.002 btc, which is about $Two.05 dollars. But you need to make sure you have a few reserve btc for transaction fees.
  4. Dedication to find people to work with you


This is what you have bot hearing all about. There are matrices like ZARFUND, CrazeBtc and BtcInvestments.

All thesis are simply a donation exchange verhoging where members voluntarily give donations and receive donations on a monthly onderstel. It&rsquo,s like you give donations (or pay) to somebody who referred you to use the program (your upline) to upgrade and be ter a position to receive the same from people you are going to refer the program to (your downline).

Not clear yet? Let mij take an example of the cheapest of above matrices &ndash, BtcInvestments.

You begin with signing up to the program by a referral verbinding and pay 0.002btc to the person who referred you. Now you are on level 1 and need to find Two people to be your downlink to upgrade your level to Two &ndash, who will donate you their 0.002 btc. You have to now upgrade to level Two and you help your downlinks to find their Two referrals (their downlink). You need to upgrade to get your downlink&rsquo,s referral donations to you!


LEVEL 1: Starter. Pay your referrer Level 1 0.002 Btc

Get Two x 0.002 Btc = 0.004 Btc &ndash, 0.002 Btc (stir to Two) = 0.002 Btc profit

And now you pay 0.003 btc to your upline to upgrade to level Three.

LEVEL Two: Runner. Pay your upline Level Two 0.003 Btc

Get Four x 0.003 Btc = 0.012 Btc &ndash, 0.003 Btc (stir to Trio) = 0.009 Btc profit

The same goes on! You get your donations from all the downlink&rsquo,s referral if you keep upgrading

LEVEL Trio: Pacer. Pay your upline Level Trio 0.01 Btc

Get 8 x 0.01 Btc = 0.08 Btc &ndash, 0.01 Btc (stir to Four) = 0.07 Btc profit

LEVEL Four: Finisher. Pay your upline Level Four 0.05 Btc

Get 16 x 0.05 Btc = 0.8 Btc &ndash, 0.05 Btc (stir to Five) = 0.75 Btc profit

LEVEL Five: Winner, Pay your upline Level Five 0.Five Btc

Get 32 x 0.Five Btc = 16 Btc

No More upgrades = 16.331 Btc total profit

If you are dedicated to find fresh members and work ter a team, I see no reason why not to attempt this out!

Wij have bot attempting this ourselves &ndash, however wij are fairly fresh to this. But feel free to message us at Droidnep if you want to join us te the program with about $Two investment.

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