EasyMINE to Make Cryptocurrency Mining Lighter and More Efficient – Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides – Analysis

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EasyMINE to Make Cryptocurrency Mining Easier and More Efficient - Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides - Analysis

The easyMINE ICO is now live, suggesting an chance to the cryptocurrency community to be part of the fresh mining revolution.

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly ter value despite it being te its infancy. The same can be said for the blockchain technology. The blockchain technology is making a significant influence te a number of areas such spil information management, business, and finance, among others.

However, its true transformative potential is yet to be explored. Fresh cryptocurrencies are launched and adopted by the day, and so are fresh protocols to protect the authenticity of the blockchain. Thesis include proof-of-work, proof-of-stake, proof-of-burn, proof-of-activity, proof-of-space, and proof-of-bandwidth among others. Proof-of-work is still the most widely used and is likely to remain so. The distributed overeenstemming scheme depends on the participation of miners who test the authenticity and security of the transaction.

Te layman’s words, the efficiency of the blockchain is directly dependent on the efficiency of the miners. Becoming a miner is not effortless. Running a mining operation is not effortless either. Getting the mining equipment is fairly challenge and so is the effort needed to get them running. Realizing it, easyMINE has created a podium that is designed to simplify and streamline the process of setting up, expanding, and managing the cryptocurrency mining process. The podium is designed for both entry-level miners and experienced miners.

EasyMINE will provide accomplish software solutions to ease the setup of a mining operation and maintenance of mining equipment. It is done under three categories, automatic configuration, automatic mining, and comprehensive mining operations. Ter fully automatic mode, easyMINE will be capable of operating without human supervision. The podium is designed to dynamically optimize the hardware and software settings based on the device’s spectacle history. The verhoging automatically selects the most profitable currencies and the best mining pool, thereby enlargening the profits generated to the miner. On the other arm, the advanced user will be given more control overheen the mining business ter manual mode, with a total range of configuration and administrative instruments.

The easyMINE crowdsale is leisurely drawing to an end, with just 14 days left to go. It has bot well received by the community, and the ICO has already surpassed the Tier Two checkpoint. Now te the Tier-3 fundraising, the toneel is preparing itself to commence implementing the verhoging features following the completion of the crowdsale round.

Those taking part te the crowdsale can purchase EMT tokens against Bitcoin or Ethereum contributions.

More information about the project and the ongoing crowdsale is available on the easyMINE webstek.

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