Choosing Your Mobile Bitcoin Wallet – ZebPay, Digital Money Times

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Choosing Your Mobile Bitcoin Wallet - ZebPay, Digital Money Times

Whenever I look at mobile Bitcoin wallets, one of the very first things I wonder is whether or not my mother would use it? She has no technological background and never uses a pc, yet, she has seen the benefits Bitcoin has to suggest. So, let’s say I want to set hier up with hier mobile Bitcoin wallet someday, what are some of the features that she would be looking for? Let’s see if ZebPay can response that question for me…

ZebPay – Bitcoins for Everyone, Every Day

Most mobile Bitcoin wallets are putting a loterijlot of effort into creating a beautiful user practice. By making the wallet interface spil clutterless spil possible, it becomes lighter to keep an eye on your digital currency wealth, wherever you go. However, that is not the bread and butter of every mobile Bitcoin client. Wij wouldn’t need competitors if that wasgoed the case.

Bringing Bitcoin to everyone on the planet sounds like a noble cause, yet, accomplishing that idea is a loterijlot tighter than you might think. Venturing into the world of Bitcoin is still scary for most people, because there is no elementary and clean interface to work with. Because of ZebPay, that story switches ter an instant.

One of the things I truly like about ZebPay’s mobile Bitcoin wallet is the fact you don’t need to sign up te order to use it. Ter fact, your Bitcoin wallet address is linked directly to your mobile phone number, making it very effortless to send Bitcoin to other people you are te regular voeling with. Plus, no one likes sign up processes, especially spil a novice Bitcoin user, right?

Using a mobile phone number to identify Bitcoin wallets serves other purposes that will come te handy for many users. You can send or receive money by using mobile numbers, te the same way that social messaging works. Instead of just sending an SMS or a Whatsapp message, you can now send Bitcoin to anyone te the world.

But, there is also the topic of security. Linking something to a mobile phone number is convenient, but whether or not it is safe is a different matter altogether. Te order to make sure your Bitcoin wallet is safe, ZebPay uses industry standard security. There is no need to create manual backups of your Bitcoin-related gegevens. And, on the topic of where your Bitcoin funds are stored, ZebPay stores all funds ter cold storage.

For Individuals and Businesses

Even tho’ most of the things I mentioned above are looked at from a consumer point of view, there is something to be gained by merchants and retailers spil well. Accepting cashless payments is an increasingly popular trend and, instead of having to walk overheen to customers willing to pay, you can simply let them pay ter Bitcoin by using ZebPay’s mobile app.

All it takes is having people send a text message to your assigned mobile number, and you can see the payment coming ter right away. ZebPay operates on the principle of “zero confirmations”, meaning that funds become available to spend spil soon spil it has bot received. Not to mention, this makes it a lotsbestemming lighter to pay out other employees, too, spil you just have to send them a text message.

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