Litecoin Price Reaches an All-Time High of $84 – The Merkle

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Today has proven to be a majestic day for Litecoin. Albeit this altcoin is often overlooked amid all the pump-and-dump schemes, it is still a very solid currency. Thanks to Litecoin’s latest gains, it’s now valued at overheen US$83. This … Continued

Fresh Mac cryptominer distributed via a MacUpdate hack – Malwarebytes Labs, Malwarebytes Labs

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Posted: February Two, 2018 by Thomas Reed Early this morning, security researcher Arnaud Abbati of SentinelOne tweeted about fresh Mac malware being distributed via MacUpdate. This malware, which Abbati has named OSX.CreativeUpdate, is a fresh cryptocurrency miner, designed to sit … Continued

Automated Cryptocurrency Trading With A Bot – Paid Research at Huis

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Since cryptocurrency is getting more and more popular, many people switch from Forex to Altcoin trading. Due to this phenomenom, wij notice that many exchanges to trade cryptocurrency are pening their doors. There is hardly a week without the annoucement … Continued

The Largest Handelsbank te Japan Plans to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency Exchange

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MUFG has announced it will open its own cryptocurrency exchange, including a pegged coin. It will also opoffering segregated accounts for is customers with bitcoin holdings. Japan&rsquo,s banks are stepping ter to suggest cryptocurrency related services te order to preserve … Continued

HP Mini 210-1019eg – Outer Reviews

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Specifications Pricecompare Average of 1 scores (from Two reviews) Reviews for the HP Mini 210-1019eg Ultraportable computers are presently set ter two camps, with Ten", netbooks and 11.6", CULV-notebooks fighting against each other. Netbooks for the longest time have suggested … Continued

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