Ersek voiced a readiness to accept Bitcoin into Western Union’s portfolio if, and that’s a big if, bitcoin becomes regulated like other currencies.

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Ersek expressed a willingness to accept Bitcoin into Western Union's portfolio if, and that's a big if, bitcoin becomes regulated like other currencies.

There’s no denying that Bitcoin is switching the way wij think about the financial market and investors are ultimately getting on houtvezelplaat. Companies that specialize ter buying and selling gold have made announcements that they will be expanding into Bitcoin. According to Richard Waters, a writer ter the Financial Times, reported A-Listers te Silicon Valley are climbing onto the bitcoin bandwagon.

Perhaps even more notable is what Hikmet Ersek, the CEO of Western Union, had to say during an vraaggesprek with Bloomberg. Mr. Ersek voiced a readiness to accept Bitcoin into Western Union’s portfolio if, and that’s a big if, bitcoin becomes regulated like other currencies.

Right now Bitcoin transactions are equal to only 0.7% of the credit card transaction te the U.S alone.

There is still slew of slagroom for cryptocurrency to grow into. Ter 2013, there were $11.Two billion dollars worth of transactions ter the U.S vanaf day, compared to bitcoins $78.Two million worldwide. That number is up 183% from last year and a whopping 437% from two years ago.

Credit Cards go through four processes before a transaction is approved while bitcoins go through only three. If you store your money te a traditional handelsbank, you risk bankgebouw runs, inflation and deflation due to government deeds. Bitcoins main concern for risk is someone cracking into a wallet without decent preventative measures, such spil encrypting your wallet, and your coins being taken.

All this information and numbers can get confusing and are difficult to find. Thank to Visual Capitalist, you can have it all ter one place. Visual Capitalist merge kunst, gegevens and storytelling to create a samenhangend and continuous infographic. Recently the people at Visual Capitalist have created an infographic that studies and explains the difference inbetween Bitcoin and traditional banking. The infographic is entitled “Bitcoin vs. Banking” and sports the bold subheading, “How cryptocurrency can and will disrupt the current financial system”.

That’s not the only infographics that the people overheen at Visual Capitalist have made regarding the subject of Bitcoin. Back ter February of this year Visual Capitalist released an infographic entitled, “The Definitive History of Bitcoin” which examines the history of Bitcoin ranging from, the Bitcoin vormgeving paper by Satoshi Nakamoto that wasgoed published back te October of 2008, the very first real transaction with bitcoins, the rise and downfall of Mt.Gox, and finishes te December when China announced they would not permit banks to treat bitcoins.

Regardless of how much you do or do not know about Bitcoin, thesis infographics are helpful for everyone. The majority of us are visual learners and infographics like this help bring information and statistics to us ter a visually appealing and memorable way. You can share their infographics via Facebook and Google+, tweet or speld it. For myself, I will be forwarding thesis onto my friends who keep asking the same question every time, “So what is a Bitcoin?”

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