Tutorial – Setting up – Scrypt Miner 25MH Asic Miner Sliver Fish 25MH Litecoin Miner for Scrypt Mining Substitution of A2 Terminator

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Tutorial - Setting up - Scrypt Miner 25MH Asic Miner Sliver Fish 25MH Litecoin Miner for Scrypt Mining Substitution of A2 Terminator

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【,Tutorial & Setting up】,Scrypt Miner 25MH Asic Miner Sliver Fish 25MH Litecoin Miner for Scrypt Mining Substitution of A2 Terminator

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  • Please prepare a power supply for the miner. (>,= 500w, with 6pin x Two)
  • PSU recommend: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Bitcoin-Miner-Use-750W-PSU-Power-Supply-with-6pin-x-4/1035615_32266273226.html
  • Please prepare Two ethernet ropes .

  • Check out the miner te the package. (You should waterput the miner on the groun d like the picture showcasing.)
  • Please prepare Two ethernet ropes for the connection.
  • There are Two blades on the miner. And there are Four ethernet ports on the Two blades.
  • Connect the miner to your internet router via the 2nd ethernet port on the left blade. (Voorwaarde, don’t connect to the wrong port).
  • Let’s take a closer look of the connection.
  • Connect the Two blades via another ethernet cord. (You should connect the very first port on the left blade to the 2nd port on the right blade)
  • Blades connection done. Like the picture demonstrating.
  • Then, connect your PSU to the miner. (Wij take our PSU spil an example.)
  • There are Two 6pin ports on the miner. (The white port ter the crimson circle te the following picture)
  • Just insert the 6pin ropes of your PSU to the Two 6pin ports on the blades.
  • All connection done.
  • Download the manage ment software here (It’s a .zip opstopping, just se lect “opstopping –>, download” to download the zip verkeersopstopping to your PC ): https://drive.google.com/opstopping/d/0B-_jcpU1s5dgVGNYVW1IUjFObmc/view?usp=sharing
  • Run the software “SFLMiner_r3.04.exe” te the download folder. It should be demonstrating like this:
  • If There is demonstrating no gegevens, please just wait for 1

Trio minutes.

  • Select the voorwerp (That means, click this voorwerp) ter the crimson circle demonstrating te the following picture.
    • Select the commend (“P –>, C”) te the following picture. (The commend means “to modify the mining account setting”)
    • Then you will get the following picture displaying the mining account details. (Wij translated it into English)
    • You should set those options ter the above picture:
    • The name of this setting: for example, you can set it spil “MY_MINER” or anything else.
    • The mining pool: set the mining pool address here. for example, ter our test, the mining pool is “stratum+tcp://stratum.f2pool.com”, so here should be ” stratum.f2pool.com “. ( NOTE : don’t add ” stratum+tcp://” before the address you setting here.)
    • Pool port: waterput the port number of your pool here.
    • The mining worker account.
    • The password: this is the password of your mining worker.
    • Make sure the option on the lower left be selected. The option means: commence mining automatically.
    • Eventually, click “OK” to save the setting.
  • Then the mining will embark automatically.
  • You will find out the mining speed and the blades mining details te the windows.
    • Sometimes, you may get an error message after you delete a mining setting or something else. Please don’t worry, just restart the software. (Here is a picture showcasing the error message. How to uitgang the software when the error message showcasing ? just press the very first button on the error message)
    • The normal mining speed will be around 22M

    25M. And the overclock speed will be around 26M


  • The software “SFLMiner_r3.04.exe” is the miner management software, it should be kept running while the miner working. (If you uitgang the “SFLMiner_r3.04.exe” then the miner will zekering working.) So, you need a pc running the software while the miner working.
    • Very first, please make sure your PSU is powerful enough .
    • While you r miner is working, run the soft ware “SFMConfig_r1.exe” te the folder. (Overclock voorwaarde be operated while the miner is working )
    • It will be showcasing like this.
    • D ouble click the option te the read ci rcle.
    • Then select the option te the foll owing picture.
    • Run the commend “O” –>, “p” . ( It means, to overheen clock the miner )
    • Set the number ter the read ci rcle spil “25”. Then press the “O K “ button.
    • Overclock done. Please uitgang this software.
    • Then, please switch the miner management softwar e “SFLMiner_r3.04.exe” ( recall , the software should be kept running while the miner working ) , you will se e the mining sp ee d will get up to about 26M

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