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The real Satoshi Nakamoto – WeTrust Blog

According to Greek mythology, humankind did not know to use fire until a titan by the name of Prometheus brought it down from Climb on Olympus. For this, he earned the gratitude of the humans but wasgoed cruelly penalized by the Gods.

It’s unclear if Satoshi Nakamoto, the modern day Prometheus who introduced humankind to Bitcoins, has suffered a similar fate. No one knows what led Satoshi to create Bitcoin, whether Satoshi is a man or a woman, what wedren or religious background Satoshi possesses, or even if he or she truly goes by the name “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Perhaps Satoshi Nakamoto isn’t a single individual, but an alter ego adopted by a collective, calling themselves “Satoshi” the way others might say “I am Spartacus”.

All wij know for sure is that an entity identifying itself spil “Satoshi Nakamoto” introduced the idea of Bitcoin to a cryptography mailing list on 31 October 2008. Along with a description, Nakamoto provided a reference implementation, known spil Bitcoin Core. From there, the idea of Bitcoin took off, becoming the $15 Billion market cap (spil of December 27th 2018) behemoth wij know today.

Spil Bitcoin has grown te popularity and usage, so has the speculation regarding Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity, or identities. On an online profile, Nakamoto claims to be a 37 year old masculine who has lived ter Japan, but his proficiency with English has made many question whether he is Japanese. Te December 2013, American pc scientist Nick Szabo wasgoed posited spil the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, based on analysis of similar whitepapers that Szabo has published. Szabo has stated that himself, along with Weide Dai and Vishal Finney, were the very first to pursue the idea of Bitcoin, but all have denied being Satoshi himself.

Soon, out of the blue, te a Newsweek March 2014 article, Dorian Nakamoto (nee Satoshi) wasgoed identified spil the inventor of Bitcoin. A man of Japanese descent residing 15 miles from Hollywood, California, Dorian had bot educated spil a physicist and had worked spil a laptop engineer on classified defense projects spil well spil for financial services companies, providing him a background that would seem to getraind the inventor of Bitcoin. However, Dorian Nakamoto denied all involvement with Bitcoin, going so far spil to optie that he had never heard of the cryptocurrency before. Speculation then moved on to the late Salon Finney, a Californian who had worked on numerous early movie games. On Two May 2018, Australian academic Craig Steven Wright waterput up a blog postbode claiming to be Satoshi Nakomoto. Journalists claimed that they eyed Wright signing messages using the private key associated with the very first Bitcoin transaction, but Wright’s assertion has bot disputed by many Bitcoin developers.

Like a wandering samurai or an elusive international spy…

Satoshi Nakamoto seems to be among us yet bijzonder, content to see how his beautiful creation grows and evolves without claiming credit. Even tho’ wij may never find Satoshi’s identity or identities, his/ hier/ their spirit of intellectual inquiry and belief te decentralize money lives on te all who are involved te the cryptocurrency community: the developers, miners, hodlers, the folks at Satoshi Nakamoto institute, entrepreneurs, and bloggers helping to make cryptocurrency more integral ter our daily lives.

Perhaps, te the end, wij are all Satoshi Nakamoto.

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