Op Ed: Is There a Future for Banking te a Cryptocurrency-Dominated World?

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What is the future of banking, central banking and financial intermediation ter a world ter which cryptocurrency is prominent? Let’s speculate a bit, with the proviso that no one can fully anticipate how thesis markets will evolve. Wij can find … Continued

Ersek voiced a readiness to accept Bitcoin into Western Union’s portfolio if, and that’s a big if, bitcoin becomes regulated like other currencies.

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There’s no denying that Bitcoin is switching the way wij think about the financial market and investors are ultimately getting on houtvezelplaat. Companies that specialize ter buying and selling gold have made announcements that they will be expanding into Bitcoin. … Continued

Frequently Asked Questions – Bitcoin Armory – Python-based fully-featured Bitcoin Wallet Software

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What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency. Using cryptography and peer-to-peer networking, Bitcoin permits people to securely and almost instantly transfer money to other people at a very low cost. The decentralized overeenstemming mechanism ensures that everyone … Continued

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