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What the Fuck is a Hashlet, Bingo Blog

I can’t figure it out and there doesn’t seem to be a clear explanation of it anywhere. The company marketing them, GAWMiner evidently has shipped some hardware to some people before, but hosted mining seems to be their thing. Evidently 12 days ago they commenced selling something called a “Hashlet” which has only so far bot described with buzzwords. There’s some very questionable claims being made.

Te the progression from CPU to GPU and then FPGA to ASIC ter mining the Hashlet promoters suggest it spil some further evolutionary leap. Let us consider some specific claims GAW’s announcement makes:

GAW Miners has sold more ASIC miners than any other provider te the world. You can say that wij are “somewhat experts” ter knowing what makes a good miner. Wij have seen just about everything out there and learned a ton ter the process.

At times Butterfly Labs has made the same claims, and everyone knows how well many of their other claims went. GAW to my skill isn’t BFL however. They toevluchthaven’t bot around that long. I’ve noticed their ads began appearing on sites te force a few months ago. Now this wasn’t particularly notable at all. Now At this time a lotsbestemming of mining companies are crawling out of the woodwork with names like Antminer and Spondoolies. 1 This stud tends to go after the toneel more than I do. Maybe GAW actually did sell the most ASIC miners? Maybe there’s an unwritten caveat that their rechtsvordering only refers to Scrypt miners?

What is a Hashlet?

Hashlets commenced with one purpose: to bring all the best parts of hardware miners forward, and leave behind all their limitations. Hashlet is the result of our most ambitious R&,D initiative everzwijn. We’ve built into every Hashlet miner jaw-dropping features that you could never desire of having on previous hardware. I’m talking features like zero pool fees, Forever. I’m talking features like maintenance fees that actually decline overheen time.

A Hashlet is capable of things no physical miner or virtual miner could everzwijn be! Simply waterput, a Hashlet is a Digital Cloud Miner that keeps getting better

Now this is simply an manhandle of the verb “is” and it offers no useful information. “Is” happens to be the third person present tense of the word verb “to be” te the English language. It’s function is to permit a person to take a thing spil the subject of the sentence, insert the word “is” an then have a predicate object which constitutes the meaning, definition, substance, or essence of the subject. Just because metaphysics creaks on spil a sub-discipline te Philosophy because of disputes te the nuance of what “is” precisely is, does not make the meaning so ambiguous that GAW’s sodomous onslaught on the English language here acceptable.

Ter the very first paragraph instead of a definition they opoffering te order:

  1. A desire narrative where they suppose and aim and define that aim.
  2. A boast that the Hashlet took OMGWTFBBQ work to develop.
  3. A Promise that Hashlet has all kinds of features, with the subclaim that even dreaming of thesis feature being on previous hardware is unlikely. Two

Now opening the 2nd paragraph “A Hashlet is capable of things no physical miner or virtual miner could everzwijn be!” contradicts the bolded text where they seemed to want to plant the seed te people’s minds that the thing might have bot hardware. It also contradicts the photo of a sleek Aluminum thing with a Hashlet logo on it that always seems show up during any “press coverage” or advertisement for the Hashlet. At the end tho’ a something that might have bot able to sate the word “is” is suggested. The Hashlet is a “Digital Cloud Miner.” There’s no further clarification, even tho’ a definition of what is meant by Digital Cloud Miner ought to seem mandatory.

Via the surplus of their announcement and the even on the pagina where they opoffering thesis “Hashlets” for sale te sizes ranging from 1 MH/s to 100 MH/s and at prices ranging from $25 to $2500, no clear description is suggested of what exactly the “Hashlet” is or represents.

From the clear manhandle of language I’m inclined to suspect GAW is an Idiocratic organization weaponizing malicious stupidity ter order to make a quick buck off of people who afraid of not mining. Three Even Gavin Andresen managed to raise serious concerns merely by asking a naive question:

I don’t know nuthin about “cloud mining” – so I’ve got a dumb question.

How do you know that when you send money to a cloud mining place they are actually dedicating hardware to hashing for you? What stops them from practising “fractional reserve mining” – reselling the same hardware to eleven different people, and using the money coming te to pay Fantabulous Weekly Comebacks With Profitability Assured?

Now I don’t care to investigate this Hashlet thing any further than I already have by simply reading their announcements, and fruitlessly spending a few hours for a more clear description of what a Hashlet is. The astoundingly empty marketing itself and the attempts at misrepresenting their product ought to be enough to keep this product from being purchased, and the malice that seems to be behind the failures at GAW related to their Hashlet ought to preclude anyone involved from earnestly being involved ter any serious Bitcoin related venture ter the future. Four If anyone wants to attempt to suggest an actual description of a Hashlet te the comments they are free to attempt.

I’m amazed how many companies seem to be popping out of the woodwork and seem to begin delivering harware before I’ve heard of them now. ↩,

One feature the suggest specifically, the zero pool fees forever, has always bot available through solo mining or operating your own pool. At one point, back ter the bad old days there wasgoed even a pool like thing that seemed to have negative pool fees. A reasonable inference seems to be the previous thing wasgoed a thing set up by Pirateat40 to get freshly mined coins that weren’t instantly connectible to his Ponzi. ↩,

There undoubtedly seem to be people who believe if they aren’t permanently “reinvesting” all of the Bitcoin they come across into mining they are missing some sort of chance. Even tho’ 20% difficulty increases are still a thing that happens. Mining is perilous, and drowning all of one’s Bitcoin into mining is a solid recipe for having less Bitcoin,but doing it the legitimate way. ↩,

This generally is how actual regulation often happens ter Bitcoin. Someone sees something appallingly stupid or other wise fated, and they warn people away from it. Some time passes and the nonsense completes. That fuel for the chumpatrons persists is hopefully a problem that solves itself by 2050. ↩,


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