Profiting From the Altcoin Markets Long Term, Cryptocurrency Trading – News

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Inject the fast-paced world of crypto! Bitcoin is making one All Time High after another, wij’ve slightly had a week without Bitcoin reaching record prices, ter the past months. That being said, the Bitcoin market truly began taking off after … Continued

Immobile! ) How to Eliminate – MINERGATE – virus ter Five minutes? Here is – MINERGATE – Removal Guide

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Malware Analysis and Removal Blog What is MINERGATE? Displaying popup ads. Hijacking your browser. Infecting your desktop shortcuts, etc. Inserting ads to the web pages. MINERGATE can redirect your browser search, collect your individual information and sell it for advertising. … Continued

Fresh Mac cryptominer distributed via a MacUpdate hack – Malwarebytes Labs, Malwarebytes Labs

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Posted: February Two, 2018 by Thomas Reed Early this morning, security researcher Arnaud Abbati of SentinelOne tweeted about fresh Mac malware being distributed via MacUpdate. This malware, which Abbati has named OSX.CreativeUpdate, is a fresh cryptocurrency miner, designed to sit … Continued

FutureNet announce plans for altcoin pump – dump scheme

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FutureNet launched with a cycler Ponzi back te 2014. Fresh investment began to dwindle ter early 2018, prompting the launch of FutureAdPro. FutureAdPro is an adcredit Ponzi scheme, through which FutureNet promise affiliates a $60 ROI on $50 deposits. Having … Continued

Using Quant Strategies te Cryptocurrency Trading, FintekNews

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Wij recently read that the majority of bitcoin trading is through algorithms, tho’ our CEO vows that bitcoin trades much more on emotion, and with far less efficiency, than the surplus of the market thesis days. Wij then found the … Continued

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